Elina Sarlin (FI)

Born 1977

Elina Sarlin explores the boundaries between everyday realism and explosive color patterns in her oil paintings. She presents the triviality of the present with incredible precision, shrouded by abundant colors and shapes – a clear reference to pop art culture. The works often center on individuals in the middle of ordinary activities; vacuuming, unpacking groceries, eating breakfast – but they are elevated above everyday life because of their hypnotizing patterns and playful color schemes. The artist toys with the beholders expectations of realism and adds a distinctive magic to the ordinary. Sarlin is on the one hand a fresh breath of air and color added to the gallery’s collection, on the other a direct continuation of our common thread because of her figurative realism.

The artist describes her works as follows:

“Reality always manifests itself in the present moment in contradictory, foolish, banal, beautiful ways. My works display a world that is rich, abundant and colorful in its details – and a person in it living their everyday life, in their most ordinary, exposed.  Every moment is defined by itself creating a new context to what is essential and what is irrelevant. The paintings flirt with the concepts of the trivial and meaningful, trying to break away from conventionality, rigid thinking and unnecessary severity.

Nature is strongly represented in the works: Sometimes as the main motif and in the foreground, but often also somewhat hidden, in the background, as a reference and conceptualized, filtered by human. My paintings reflect the complexity we have in our relationship with nature. They also ponder upon controllability and uncontrollability of nature, the nostalgic longing for connection and the question of authenticity.

The missing eyes of the people in the works also refer to another, hidden level: The inner world, the vulnerability and the confusion of the individual. The paintings explore the present-day dreams and raise questions about the individual’s responsibility and choices amongst the dog biscuits, macaroons and broken eggs. The works seek to reach the daily chaos of life, it´s bizarre perfection – the grace of everyday life.”

Stud. mag. Nordic language and literature & Visual Culture, Anna Emilie Ravn

2007                                   Lahti university of applied sciences, Institute of Fine Arts
2004                                   Alfa-Art School of Arts
1999                                   Lahti folk high school
2018                                   Restaurant Sunn, Helsinki
2016                                   Gallery Katariina  Studio, Helsinki
2014                                   Gallery Seinä, Helsinki
2014                                   Gallery Pleiku, Berlin
2011                                   tm-Gallery, Helsinki
2010                                   Gallery 12, Kuopio  
2009                                   Gallery Johan S, Helsinki
2008                                   Kuusankoskitalo, Kuusankoski together with Rauni Hulke
2008                                   Gallery Ripustus, Hämeenlinna
2007                                   Gallery Leo, Helsinki
2006                                   Gallery Johan S, Helsinki
2005                                   City library 10, Helsinki
2004                                   Kirja cafe, Helsinki
2004                                   Kuusankosken Taidesiipi, Kuusankoski

2020                                   Wintershow, GALLERI V58, DK
2019                                   Summer exhibition 2019, Galleri V58, Aarhus, Denmark, 1.6 -31.8
2019                                   Spring 2019, Galleri V58, Aarhus, Denmark, 11.5 -1.6
2019                                   Huntenkunst, Ulft, The Netherlands, 24.-26.5                               
2019                                   Topsy-turvy, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi,18.1 -22.9
2016                                   Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki
2016                                   Villa Roosa, Orimattila
2016                                   Wiurila Mansion, Halikko
2015                                   Uncovererd, Korundi, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi
2014                                   Art Week Helsinki, Cable Factory, Helsinki
2013                                   The Animal -exhibition by invitation, Haihara Art Centre, Tampere
2012                                   Billnäs young artists, Billnäs Ironworks, Raasepori
2011                                   Luukku auki, Juried theme show of The artists´ society of Helsinki, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki,    
2011                                   ArtForum Helsinki 2011, Helsinki Exhibition And Convention Centre
2011                                   ArtHelsinki 11, Johan S section, Helsinki Exhibition And Convention Centre
2011                                   Art Today 2011, Gallery Kohina, Eno
2011                                   Art Today 2011, Louhitalo, Eno
2011                                   Take away summer exhibition, Galleria Johan S, Helsinki
2010                                   Ihmisen tila, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki,  together with Anniina Vainionpää, Tero Annanolli and Jari Järnström
2009                                   Art Centre Salmelas summer exhibition, Mäntyharju
2009                                   NAA exhibition My North, Rantakasarmi, Helsinki
2008                                   7. Uudet maan kuvat, Artborg 35, Sipoo
2008                                   Signs of the Times, summer exhibition of The artists' society of Helsinki, Rantakasarmi, Helsinki
2007                                   Maailmassa, Taidepanimo, Lahti
2007                                   The Art of Basware, Sanomatalon Mediatori, Helsinki
2006                                   Skjl annual exhibition, Taidepanimo, Lahti
2006                                   Kuusankoskitalo, Kuusankoski
2006                                   Taide, Fresh views of finnish art, Trygve Lie gallery, New York
2006                                   Taide, Art goes west, Smorgas Chef Restaurant, New York
2005                                   Kanneltalo gallery, Helsinki
2004                                   Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
2002                                   Kanneltalo gallery, Helsinki, student exhibition
Finnish Painters' Union
The Artists' Society of Helsinki
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
Art Centre Salmela
Mäntyharju town

‘Free 1’, olie på lærred, 120 x 140, 2022, d.kr. 44.000,-

‘Nightfall’, olie og akryl på lærred, 120 x 144, 2020, SOLGT

‘Undisguised 1’, olie og akryl på lærred, 120 x 200, 2021, d.kr. 59.000,-

‘Waiting 1’, olie og akryl på lærred, 75 x 140, 2020, d.kr. 28.000,-

‘Timeless lll’, Olie på lærred, 137 x 118, 2017, SOLGT

‘A Break’, Olie på lærred, 90 x 135, 2017, d.kr. 28.000,-

‘Copacabana l’, Olie på lærred, 95 x 150, 2016, SOLGT

‘Florida’, Olie på lærred, 100 x 140, 2017, d.kr. 33.000,-

‘Fracture Point lll’, Olie på lærred, 120 x 110, 2015, SOLGT