GALLERY V58 was founded in the spring of 2007 by Eigil Johansen and Ib Chris Steen Sørensen. Vestergade 58, a particularly significant address in Aarhus' cultural and musical history, formed the framework for the gallery's work for the first six years. Here, the gallery inhabited the old merchant's farm's approx. 200 m2. In April 2013, the gallery moved into the historic, beautiful, and eye-catching building Børnely at Hans Hartvig Seedorffs Stræde 12. GALLERY V58 retained its established name with reference to its former residence. In February 2024, the gallery moved to Aarhus Ø at Dagmar Petersens Gade 97 in the SHIP building. From here the gallery has a view of the sky, the sea, and the many ships, which now form the framework for the gallery's new beautiful, modern, and minimalist location and further work.

The gallery represents around 35 professional and dedicated artists from around the world. These form the basis for the gallery's solo exhibitions, theme exhibitions, and group exhibitions during the year, and anchor the gallery among the most significant and interesting galleries in Denmark.

Over the years, the gallery has participated in several recognized art fairs, for example, Art Herning, Art Copenhagen, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, and Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, as well as participated in interdisciplinary art collaborations, e.g. with Aarhus Visual Arts Center. In this way, the gallery constantly explores art interfaces and keeps up to date with the strong new trends and currents in art worldwide. In addition, the gallery works with several company agreements, where throughout the year the gallery brings out fantastic works to enthusiastic companies in Aarhus and the area.

The gallery's artists work with a strong range of unique expressions and materials from painting, drawing, and photography to ceramics, bronze, and installations. This allows the gallery to offer a considerable and appealing assortment, where an exciting art solution can always be found in harmony with the customer's needs. In particular, the special needs of the individual customer are the gallery's absolute core competence, as it is very important to us to always find the perfect solutions.

At GALLERY V58 we can proudly welcome you to an art experience out of the ordinary.