Tina Kirkegaard (DK)

Født 1965

Tina Kirkegaard was born in 1965, and she has always had a strong passion for expressing herself through art. The artist has painted since the 1980s, and has only become stronger and more powerful in her works. Throughout the years, she has been in art-related studying around the world. She has been in Amsterdam, Oslo and Italy for experience. Tina Kirkegaard is an artist who seeks experience and in search of expanding her artistic skills, she has also attended as an trainee at the established artist Tine Hind and later at the artist Thomas Kruse. Kirkegaard has also participated courses at Aarhus Academy of Arts.

The expression in Tina Kirkegaard’s art is powerful, expressionist and coloristic. She manages to create transparency and peculiar ease even though she is using a lot of paint on the canvas. In a universe of circles and lines, a shape is created and an image is built. The works are dramatic and extremely fascinating – they gain an admiration and consideration from the viewer. The works are built on emotions and the game between the dark and the bright.

Tina Kirkegaard uses both oil and acrylic in her works, and add other materials to create contrast and depth. The artist uses the various skills of the different medias and creates an exciting combination on the canvas.

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

"Wintershow", GALLERI V58, DK
Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tønder, DK
Renburg, DE
Kvindemuseet, Aarhus, DK
Københavns Kunstbibliotek, DK
Den Danske Banks Kunstfond, Copenhagen, DK
Aarhus Amts Kunstforening, DK
Galleri 12, Danmarks Radio, DK
Kunstnernes Hus – IKON, Aarhus, DK
Odder Town Hall, DK
Vejdirektoratet, Skanderborg, DK


KP, Aarhus, DK

KP, Aarhus, DK

KP, Aarhus, DK

‘Shortcut’, Mixed medie på lærred, 170 x 140, 2023, d.kr. 28.000,

Tina Kirkegaard. ‘Interlinked’, mixed medie på lærred, 170 x 140, 2022, d.kr 28.000,-

‘Broad Minded’, olie på lærred, 170 x 110, 2019, d.kr. 22.000,-

‘Open Road’, mixed media på lærred, 150 x 120, SOLGT

‘Beaten Track’, mixed medie på lærred, 170 x 140, 2021, SOLGT

‘No signal’, mixed media på lærred, 150 x 150, SOLGT

‘Beat á Glance’, mixed media på lærred, 165×155 SOLGT

‘Jaywalk’, Mixed medie på lærred, 100 x 140, 18.500,-

‘Gliding along’, Olie og akryl på lærred, 120×150, SOLGT

‘Flashback’, Olie og akryl på lærred, 150 x 120, SOLGT

‘Civilians After Liberation’, Mixed medie på lærred, 120×150, SOLGT

‘Bleeding’, Olie, akryl og oliepastel på lærred, 150×120, SOLGT