Jens Ingvard Hansen (DK)

Born 1967

“Since I was a child, I’ve been preoccupied by drawing and give things shape. Most of my idees occurs while I sit with a pencil and a piece of paper – quite simple. It has always been like that.”

Jens Ingvard Hansen has through many years worked with sculptures as a self-employed sculptor. He has exhibited many places in Denmark and also abroad. Most of his sculptures is made in the classical sculpture materials bronze and granite, and the recurring theme is the thought of life as a infinite movement. The formal starting point is often simple geometric figures there through the contrast between smooth and rough surfaces and twists of the sculpture transforms to new forms or which consists of several parts that is put together to a new whole.

“It has always been important for me to consider nature and I am always in search of motives which can inspire me. It is probably the sum of all these experiences that is reflected in my sculptures.”  

Jens Ingvard is born and raised at Tåsinge. He has always been fascinated of the brute strength the nature holds and when you ask him to visualize his inspiration from his home region he will not mention the green grass fields and the ocean but instead the sawed wood shift from a smooth surface to rough bark and the different structures in the surface of field stones that was broken.

“Above all it is important to me to create a sculpture that is exciting to look at and which in it’s own way challenges the viewer. I like to work non figuratively because it allows people to create their own stories or interpretations which maybe matches their own story or life. This I like because art is not a concrete language as such; it is a intuitive language – something you can sense and which you can pass to others.”       

                                                                                             Jens Ingvard Hansen


Own foundry

Self-employed sculptor

1996 – 2000
Autodidactic sculptor trained by the sculptors Søren West (natural stone) and Keld Moseholm (bronze casting)

1993 – 1995
Aarhus School of Architecture

1992 – 1993
Folk high school for art


“Wintershow”, GALLERI V58, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
GALLERI V58 pop up, Skagen, Denmark
Toldboden, solo exhibition, Kerteminde, Denmark
Æglageret, group exhibition, Holbæk, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Filosoffen, group exhibition, Odense, Denmark
Tranum Strandgård, solo exhibition, Tranum, Denmark

Fuglsanghus, solo exhibition, Hørsholm, Denmark
Filosoffen, solo exhibition, Odense, Denmark
Svendborg Bibliotek, solo exhibition, Svendborg, Denmark
Tuse Næs Kunst, solo exhibition, Tuse Næs, Denmark
Alletiders Kunst, Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark

Ulstrup Slot, solo exhibition, Ulstrup, Denmark
Arnoldsen, solo exhibition, Ulfborg, Denmark
Rønde Bibliotek, solo exhibition, Rønde, Denmark

Bovbjerg Fyr, Lemvig, Denmark
Vesthimmerlands Kunstforenings spring exhibition at Vitskøl Kloster, Ranum, Denmark
Fuga, Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Galeria Krabbe, Frigiliana, Spain

KulturCenter Kongensgade 111, solo exhibition, Fredericia, Denmark
Galleri Hindhede, solo exhibition, Middelfart, Denmark
Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

Initiation of the north’s largest Audi house, Fredericia, Denmark

ByArt Galleri, solo exhibition, Odense, Denmark
Dalum Bibliotek, solo exhibition, Odense, Denmark

Gallerie Buk, solo exhibition, Svendborg, Denmark
Krusmølle, solo exhibition, Aabenraa, Denmark  
Fussingø Slots Easter exhibition, Randers, Denmark
Galleri Uggerby, Lønstrup, Denmark

Art Nova Galleri, solo exhibition, Helsingør, Denmark
Galleri Kirsten Hindhede, solo exhibition, Middelfart, Denmark

Guest exhibitor at Ebeltoft Kunstforenings easter exhibition, solo exhibition, Ebeltoft, Denmark

Galleri Luna, solo exhibition, Holstebro, Denmark
Kulturekspressens 10 years anniversary exhibition, Hurup, Denmark


Vestjydske Kunstneres Efterårsudstilling, KE
Midt-Vestjyske Kunstneres Sommerudstilling, KS

Vestjydske Kunstneres Efterårsudstilling, KE

Vestjydske Kunstneres Efterårsudstilling, KE


2005, 2006 og 2007
Jens og Olivia Art Museum, Holstebro, Denmark


Dansk Industris Produktpris, Copenhagen, Denmark
Arbejdsgivernes Erhvervspris, Odense, Denmark
Dansk Industris Produktivitetspris, Copenhagen, Denmark
Magnus Karnov Prisen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kunstforeningen af 1950, Odense, Denmark
Bolius/Danske Boligarkitekter, Valby, Denmark

Karnovprisen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Bolius/Danske BoligArkitekter, Valby, Denmark
Thisted Kirke, Thisted, Denmark
Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Næstved, Denmark

FLSmidth, Valby, Denmark
Københavns Bagerlaug, Copenhagen, Denmark
Socialstyrelsen, Odense, Denmark
Friskolen Bifrost, Herning, Denmark

Tietgenprisen 2011, Fynsk Erhverv, Odense, Denmark
TDC A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Widex A/S, Lynge, Denmark

TDC A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Widex A/S, Lynge, Denmark

Widex A/S, Værløse, Denmark

De Danske Spritfabrikker, Svendborg, Denmark

Fredericia Kommune, City Hall, Denmark

Professional Member, International Sculpture Center NJ, USA
The association of West Jutland artist’s, Holstebro, Denmark

‘Livshjul’, 7 8, Bronze og diabas, h. 17 cm., 6.000,

‘Blue Moon’, 4/8, bronze, H. 9,5, 7,000,

‘Moon’, 1/1, bronze og diabas, H. 23 Cm., 12,000,

‘Fossil’, 4/8, bronze og skiffer, H. 13 Cm., 7.000,

‘Moon’, 3/8, bronze, H. 7,5 Cm., SOLGT

‘Open House’, bronze og diabas, H. 10 Cm., SOLGT

‘Open House’, bronze og diabas, H. 9 Cm., SOLGT

‘Fossil’, 4/8, bronze og skiffer, H. 13 cm., 7.000,

‘Bethel Stone’, 3/8, bronze, H. 12 cm., 8.500,

‘Hus’, grøn patineret bronce, 3/8, h. 7,5 cm. SOLGT

‘Yin og Yang’, grøn bronze og diabas, 24/30, h.8 x l.10, 3.800,- .

‘Livshjul’ Blank bronze og biskopgårdendiabas, 7/8 h.21 x l.10, 8.000,-

‘Blue moon’, turkis bronze, unika, h. 15 x l.15, 15.000,-

‘Hus’, bronce, 6/8, h. 7,5 cm. SOLGT

‘Kosmos’ Blank bronze og larvikit, 7/8, h. 10 x l.11, SOLGT

‘Lotus’, grøn bronze og larvikit, 14/20, h.15 x 12,5, SOLGT

‘Livshjul’ Grøn bronze og diabas, 2/8 h.9,5 x l.6,5, 3.800,-

‘Hus’, tyrkis patineret bronce, 4/8, h. 7,5 cm. SOLGT

‘Fossil’, turkis bronze, 2/8, h. 9 x l. 9, 6.000,-

‘Puzzle’, grøn bronze og blå granit, 1/8, h.12,5 x l.11, SOLGT

‘Klode’, grøn bronze og larvikit, 1/8, h.18,5 x 9, SOLGT

‘Otolith’ Grøn bronze og skifer, 8/8 h.21 x l.29, SOLGT

‘Sol’, 16 af 25, poleret bronze og diabas, h. 10,5 cm, SOLGT

‘Puzzle’, 1 af 8, bronze på diabas, h.8,5 cm., SOLGT

‘Kosmos’, 4 af 8, bronce på larvakit, h.10 cm, SOLGT

‘Skrue’, 16 af 25, poleret bronze på diabas, h. 11 cm, SOLGT

‘Mammuth’, 7 af 8, patineret bronze, h. 13 cm, SOLGT

‘Lotus’, 8 af 20, bronze og diabas, h. 14 cm, 2013, SOLGT

‘Blue Moon’, 5 af 8, patineret bronce, dia. 6,5, SOLGT

‘Livshjul’, 2 af 8, grøn patineret bronze og norsk larvikit, h. 10,5 cm, SOLGT

‘Livshjul II’, 5 af 8, poleret bonze og diabas, h. 10 cm, 3.800,-

‘Livshjul II’, bronze, sokkel af larvikit, 5/8, h. 10, 2019, SOLGT

‘Klode’, 12 af 20, poleret bronze, ø. 7,5 cm, SOLGT

‘Fibonachispiral’, unika, bronze, h. 13 cm, 2015, SOLGT