Helle Rask Crawford (DK)

Born 1964

“Helle Rask Crawford works within the classical sculptural tradition. She often finds inspiration in myths and mythical creatures that clearly personify human archetypes, issues and challenges. With pathos, which she borrows from antiquity, and with vitality the artist strives to establish a direct emotional communication with the audience. Her sculptures are usually very realistic and insistent, but at the same time also magical and dreamy. She often adds the element of magical realism as a particularly humorous or off beat twist.

The artist likes to work with live models. Controlled movements guide the handling of modelling material. A sensual joy flows from artist’s fingers when she sculpts her material’s surface; but superficiality is only skin deep. Helle Rask Crawford in her work as a sculptor approaches the world from the mythical and poetic perspective, and the sculptural expression she achieves, in both a classical and modern way, covers a wide scale of human emotions and questions.”

Jørn Henrik Olsen in Tom Jørgensen’s “101 Kunstnere 2010”

“My work falls within the fields of naturalism, portrait and magical realism. In my sculptures I try to capture the beauty of the moment. Portrait is of a special interest to me; to try to understand and then to convey the psyche of the portrayed person through modelling of their face and stature in an expression which is particularly characteristic for the model. Magical realism enables you to give this expression an extra dimension; a possibility to express something substantial in the tension between reality and cultural overlay of ideas, history, philosophy and interpersonal relations.”

Helle Rask Crawford


In the period 1981 – 1998
Sculpture at Keld Moseholm Jørgensen og Tove Elmquist Nielsen, Odense, Freltofte, Denmark
Croquis, drawing og watercolor at Eskil Hauchrog, Copenhagen, Denmark
Painting at Ulrik Hoff og Troll Bille, Copenhagen, Denmark
Pastel Course, Melbourne, Australien
Sculpture Course, Melbourne, Australien
Preparation Course, Arts and Crafts School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cand.Med. Copenhagen University, USA, Australien
Italian Diploma, Copenhagen University and Erice, Italy


“Wintershow”, GALLERI V58, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Dronninglund, Denmark
Galleri Knud Grothe, group exhibition, Charlottenlund, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
GALLERI V58 pop up, Skagen, Denmark
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Dialogues, K2 – Copenhagen artists Kunstnere og Art Phönix International, Helligaandshuset, København, Denmark
ARTe Art fair, Stuttgart, Germany

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Art Sylt, Kunstmesse, Sylt, Germany
Best Friends, Galerienhaus, Stuttgart, Germany
ARTe Art fair, Stuttgart, Germany
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Berliner-Liste, Berlin, Germany
Radisson Blu, Helsingborg, Sweden
Munkeruphus, Munkerup, Denmark
HR Giger, Teramo,(cens.), memorial exhibition, Italy
Slow Art, Limner Gallery,  (cens.), Hudson, NY, USA
Skulpturfestival, Galleri X, (curator), Rungsted, Denmark
Viggo Bentzon and Helle Rask Crawford, Galleri Elander, Tisvilde, Denmark
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Deloitte and Touche
Ritzaus Bureau
Fantasmus, Galleri Gamla Stan, Landskrona, Sweden

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Imaginaire: The Magic Seven, Lindholm Slot, Sweden
K2 Københavnske Kunstnere, Copenhagen town hall, Denmark
X-Porten, 7 Sind, Hundested Havn, Denmark
Lidenskab, Passion og Naturalisme with Thomas Kolding. Galleri Elander, Tisvilde, Denmark
Lidenskab, Passion og Naturalisme with Thomas Kolding. Galleri X, Rungsted, Denmark
REmantics, GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Galleri Gamla Staden,  With Britta Westhausen and Linda Lildholdt, Landskrona, Sweden.
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
…men på den anden side…, Magical realism at Frederikshavn KunstMuseum with Claus Brusen, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Fantasmus, Erotic Christmas exhibition, Birkerød, Denmark
Galleri X, Christmas exhibition, Rungsted, Denmark
Fantasmus, Imaginaire VI exhibition, Birkerød, Denmark
Nudes with Thomas Kolding at Galleri Elander, Tisvilde, Denmark
Sydfyns kulturfond’s exhibition, Svendborg, Denmark
K2-Københavnske Kunstnere, Copenhagen town hall, Denmark
Danfoss Kunstforening’s Easter exhibition, Det Røde Palæ, Augustenborg Slot, Denmark
Gate Gallery, Wollombi, Australia
Chrysalis. The Symbol of Transformation, PrimoPianoGallery, Lecce, Italy
Human, GALLERI V58, with Gary Cain, Thomas Kolding, Fadavi, Aarhus, Denmark
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Res Extensa, PrimoPianoGallery, Lecce, Italy

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Fantasmus, Erotic Christmas, Galleri Fantasmus, Denmark
Imaginarium. Urban Myths, Fables, Allegories and Legends in the internet Age, PrimoPianoGallery, Lecce, Italy
I Syv Sind, Bjørn Brammer, Susanne Helveg, Malene Hedetoft, Per Christoffersen, Søren Knudtzon, Helle Rask Crawford, Kedelrummet, Gilleleje, Denmark
Fantastisk Figuration/Surrealisme, curated by Claus Brusen, Gribskov Kunstforening, Denmark
Small Works, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Artquake, curated by Alberto Agazzani, Vicepresident of Bologna  Art Academi, San Domenico Monastery, Reggio Aemilia, Italy
Mail Art, E.Art, CivitaNova, Italy
GALLERI V58, Summer exhibition, Aarhus, Denmark
Summer exhibition, Galleri X, Rungsted, Denmark
Jubilee Sculpture Festival, Sausmarez Artparks, Guernsey, UK
Freak Show, Hillerød Hovedbibliotek, Denmark
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Bittes Galleri, group exhibition,  Ribe, Denmark

Mini Majors, 16th Annual small Sculpture show, Defiance Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Annual Show, Society for Art of Imagimation, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London, UK
Erotic Dreams, Galleri Fantasmus with, among other, Gil Bruvel, Steven Kenny, Micha Lobi, Hillerød Library, Denmark
Galleri Elander, with, among other, Viggo Drachmann Benzon, Tisvilde, Denmark
Galleri Fantasmus, group exhibition, Denmark
Compelling Realism from 5 Viewpoints, with Daniel Goldenberg, Henrik Ulldalen, Elin Engelsen, Michael Schuh,GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Karolines Hus, with Marianne Lykkeberg, Fur, Denmark
XPorten, group exhibition, Hundested Havn, Denmark

The Usher Gallery, group exhibition of sketchbooks, Lincoln, UK
Brunswick Street Gallery, group exhibition,Melbourne, Australia
GALLERI V58, group exhibition Aarhus, Denmark
Galleri Elander, exhibition with Ulrik Hoff, Tisvilde, Denmark
Hillerød Kunstforening, Annaborg with Else Haakonsson, Denmark
Skovbo Kunstforening with Ulrik Hoff, Denmark
Widex Kunstforening
Orbicon Kunstforening
Oticon Kunstforening

Galleri Elander, group exhibition, Tisvilde, Denmark
Fantastiske Figurationer, Galleri Knud Grothe,  group exhibition, Charlottenlund, Denmark
Moderne Portræt, group exhibition, Copenhart Gallery, Denmark
Galleri Knud Grothe, summer exhibition, group exhibition,  Charlottenlund, Denmark
Pyramiden, exhibition with Ulrik Hoff, Gilleleje, Denmark
Folketeatret: solo exhibition accompanying performances Josephine Baker and Alt om min Mor (Everything about my mother), Frederiksberg town hall, Denmark

Atelier Bro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Vestsjælland’s censored art exhibition, Denmark
Helligåndshuset, Strøget, Copenhagen, Lægernes Kunstforening, Denmark


Metamorphosis, Palazzo Saliceti, Ripattoni, 100 year anniversary of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Italy

SAK, Svendborg, Denmark
Dark Surrealism, Palazzo Saliceti, Ripattoni, Italy
HR Giger, Teramo, memorial exhibition, Italy
Slow Art, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA

Second Time Around. The Hubcap as art, Museum of the Shenandoa Valley, Winchester, VA, USA
Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, Denmark
Filosoffen, Censored HC Andersen Exhibition, Odense, Denmark

Frederiksborg Slot: Portræt Nu! Brygger J.C. Jacobsens Portrætpris, Denmark
Small Sculpture Show, Brunswick Street Gallery, censored group exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

Society for Art of Imagination, censored exhibition, Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, USA.
Society for Art of Imagination, censored exhibition, La Galleria, London, UK
Tap Gallery, censored exhibition, Sydney, Australia

KS 09
Nordjydsk censored exhibition, Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Denmark
Censored Løvspringsexhibition, Tranum Strandgård, Denmark
Hillerød censored spring exhibition, Denmark

Vestsjællands censored art exhibition, Denmark
Hillerød censored spring exhibition, Denmark

Hillerød censored spring exhibition, Denmark

Art Phônix International, Stuttgart, Germany
Sculpture Network, Germany
Society for Art of Imagination, UK, USA
International Sculpture Center, USA
ArtsConnect, Australia
Kunstrunden, Kongernes Nordsjælland, Denmark
Sausmarez ArtParks, Guernsey, UK
K2-Københavnske Kunstnere, Denmark

Imaginaire IV-IX 2011-2017 (published 2011, red. Claus Brusen)
101 Kunstnere 2010 (red. Tom Jørgensen)

RavneRytter. Sculpture for Søborg Privatskole, Søborg, Gilleleje, Denmark


One of the 12 artists selected to represent Portrætkunst Society for Art of Imagination, USA

‘Overvejeren’ 1-1, Bronze, h. 30, 2021, d.kr. 10.000,-

‘Hmpf….’ 3-8, Bronze, h. 12, d.kr. 7.000,-

‘Hva´ så, Frøprins’ x af 8, Bronze, h. 12, 2019, SOLGT

‘FrøPrins med Krone’, bronze og guld, 1/8, 2017, d.kr. 7.000,-

‘Ibis, bronze på limsten, h. 58 cm., 2021, SOLGT

‘Op og stå’, Bronze og guld, h. 19, 2020, d.kr. 12.000,-

‘FrøCanCan’, 1-8, Bronze og guld, h. 12 cm., 2021, SOLGT

‘Giacometti sætter det sidste strøg’, bronze på granit, h. 30 cm., 2020, d.kr. 12.000,-

‘Europa ll’, bronze på marmor, h. 15 cm., 2017, d.kr. 10.000,-

‘Hanekylling’, 1 af 8, bronze og guld, h.25, SOLGT

‘Det blå fad’, bronce, guld, kobber og emalje, 1 af 1, h. 30 cm, 2020, SOLGT

‘Frøprins på Frierfødder’, bronze og guld, 1 af 1, h. 15cm, 2019, d.kr. 7.000,-

‘Kat på spring’, Bronze og granit, åben edition, h. 20, 2018, SOLGT

‘Kat på spring’, Bronze og travertin, åben edition, h. 10, 2018, SOLGT

‘Leonardo da vinci`s hest stejler, Bronze og limsten, 5 af 8, h. 18, 2019, d.kr. 5.000,-

‘Luskefrø’, bronze, guld, 5/8, h. 17, 2018, d.kr. 7.000,-

‘Da Vinci’s Hest stejler’, bronze, 1/8, h. 12, 2018, d.kr. 5.000,-

‘Kat på spring’, bronze og marmor, h.16, 2016, SOLGT

‘Grev Sforzas Hest’ (Hommage à da Vinci) 1:8, bronze og granit, H. 25, 2015-2017, d.kr. 10.000,-

‘Lille kronet Nike’, bronze, guld og marmor, open end, 2017, d.kr. 1.800,-