Gunleif Grube (DK)

Born 1947

Gunleif Grube was born in 1947 in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands. He made his debut in 1980 at the Artists’ Autumn Exhibition in Denmark. Grube is a modern expressionist. The artist says he uses the painting as if it was an instrument he plays, from the deep dark bass to the bright treble. Using all the tones is an artistic necessity for him. Gunleif Grube would never restrict his art coloristically or expressively after various changing of trend – He is true to his inner mind.

There is a “poet” in the painter Gunleif Grube, although he is best known for his wild paintings with explosive colors, his art almost always contains poetic undertones. You often see poetic gentle color together with wild-colored contrasts. He often combines poetry and drama into the same picture, other times it’s drama or poetry that stands alone and leaves the big expression. The explanation lies in his consciousness that there is no light without darkness that there is no drama without poetry. In addition, Gunleif Grube’s works arise in the meeting between light and darkness, between poetry and wildness, from the brutal to the sensitive.

Since Gunleif Grubes breakthrough almost 40 years ago, there have been a lot of art books, TV portraits and exhibitions at museums and leading galleries at home and abroad.

Show CV


GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, DK
Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen, DK
Faroe Islands Art Museum ”Listaskàlin”, Tórshavn, FO
Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum, Hjørring, DK
Oldenburg Stadtmuseum, DE
Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, DK
Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen, DK
Fanø Kunstmuseum, DK
Olivia Holm Møller Museet, Holstebro, DK
Norden Hus, Tórshavn, FO
“Strindbergs Drømmespil”, Det Danske Teater, DK, 1981
Grosse Kunstaustellung NRW, Düsseldorf, DE
Essen Kunstmesse, DE
Pelikan Haus, Hannover, DE
Det Skandinaviske Hus, Hannover, DE
The International Senerfelder Price, exhibition Offenbach AM, Main, DE
Divigerende tempramenter, Statens Museum For Kunst, Copenhagen, DK, 1983
International Bienal Of Grahies, Kallingrad, RU
Galerie Thilo Steiger, Lübeck, DK
Grosse Kunstausstellung, Düsseldorf, DK
“The Beatles Forever”, Koldinghus Museum, Kolding, DK
Gallery Chateau de Bourglinster, Luxembourg, LU
Kunstmarkt, Hannover, DK
Kunstmarkt, Lübeck, DK
Garand Palais, Paris, FR
Le Ge`nie de la Bastille, Paris, FR
Galeria Krabbe, Malaga, ES
Galleri Nordstrand, Oslo, NO

Galleri Carl Gustav Carlson, Malmö, SE
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK
Art Herning, DK
Kolding Kunstmesse, DK
Court Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Galerie Egelund, Copenhagen, DK
Galleri Christian Dam, Copenhagen, DK
Gallerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK
Galleri Østergaard, Ikast, DK
Galleri Syd, Falster, DK
Galleri X, Rungsted, DK
Galleri Flintholm, Svendborg, DK


Faroe Islands Art Museum, Tórshavn, FO
Politikens Kulturfond, Copenhagen, DK
Danish Faroe Islands Cultural Fund, Copenhagen, DK
Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum, Hjørring, DK
As well as a number of private collections in Germany – China – Switzerland – Luxembourg – Spain – Canada – Netherlands – England – Japan – France – Norway – Sweden – Faroe Islands – Denmark – USA


“Gunleif Grube” Author Hanne Lundgren Nielsen published by the Faroe Islands Art Museum, 2010
“The Wild Poet” Author Dorthe Sieben, published by publisher Atelier, 2007
“The Red Room” Author Ole Lindboe, published by Atelier, 2001
“The Mask” Author Gunleif Grube, published by Publisher North.1996
“Kaos” Author Gunleif Grube published by Galerie Egelund. 1992
“Gunleif” Author Ole Hyltoft published by Court Gallery. 1989


“Faroe Islands Artists” published by Atlantis
“Weilbachs”, Artistic lexicon
“Dansk Kunst”, published by Søren Fogtdal
“Dansk Kunst”, published by Aschehoug
“SECEL” 100 Years of Faroes Artist Mikael Wivel, Faroe Islands Art Museum
“Fra Det Yderste” by Professor Lars Heslet, published by Bogværket
“Kunstens Kald” by Leo Tandrup


KE, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling/The Autumn Exhibition of Artists
The International Senerfelder Price
Diploma International Biennal Of Graphics Of The Baltic Sea Countries
Niels Vessel Bagge’s great artist legates
Lise and Gunner Værum’s big travel legates 

‘In the red room’, akryl på lærred, 80 x 74, 2019, 34.000,-

‘Happy dreamer’, akryl på lærred, 80 x 74, 2019, 34.000,-

‘Den sidste maler, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 80 x 74, 2015, SOLGT

‘In the red room’, akryl på lærred, 45 x 130, 2019, 30.000,-

‘Inspiration, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 74 x 80, 2019, 34.000,-

‘I am your man’, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 100 x 125, 2016, SOLGT

‘Follow your heart’, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 42 x 34, 2019, SOLGT

‘Fighter’, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 42 x 34, 2019, SOLGT

‘Ekspressionisten’, akryl på lærred, 120 x 100, indrammet, 2019, 42.000,-

‘Blue time, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 20 x 20, 2019, 5.500,-

‘Swing time’, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 20 x 20, 2017, d,kr. 5.500,-

‘Livsmaske, akryl på lærred, indrammet, 80 x 74, 2019, SOLGT

‘Ventetid’, 70 x 50, akryl på lærred, 2017, SOLGT

‘Livets Masker’, 100 x 80, akryl på lærred, 2017, SOLGT

‘A Day in The Life’, 50 x 40, akryl på lærred, 2017, SOLGT

‘Day Dreamer’, 50 x 40, akryl på lærred, 2017, SOLGT