Behnaz (IR)

Born 1970

“The main characters of my series are people, usually children, who somehow are involved with an animal, plant, or environment, which represent the universe we live in. The child represents the naivety, curiosity and playfulness of man. I consider humans to be a clever though naive species.”


At the age of fifteen Behnaz fled from Iran with her family. It was in 1985, a chaotic period of time, where Iraq attempted to invade Iran and millions of Iranians fled from their country. Behnaz’ family fled to Germany. Since then Behnaz has lived in the US, the Middle East and Central Asia. While she lived in the US Behnaz met a Danish exchange student, whom she married and for this reason she lives in Denmark with her husband and two kids today. Earlier art had exclusively been a hobby for Behnaz. A hobby that she learned she did not have the time for when she also had to study, learn new languages etc. It was only a couple of years ago that she resumed art when she moved to Kazakhstan with her family. Because of the language barrier, among others, Behnaz was not able to find work and therefore she was able to find the time and peace to paint again, for the first time since she left Iran.

The fact that Behnaz has had a tumultuous and spectacular life is expressed in her art. By her very precise and lifelike brushstroke we are let in her adventurous and magical universe. As a viewer you are drawn by her imaginative and detailed motives and you cannot avoid to get carried away by Behnaz’ paintings.

                                                                    Emilie Juul Thorsteinsson, GALLERI V58


Studies at Atelier De Medici, Villenuvre Sur Lot, ’Old Master’s techniques’ from 1700 Italian and Belgian masters’, By Gregory Pelizzari, France

Masters in Biology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark

1983 - 1985
Studied with Iranian oil masters, Tehran, Iran


"Wintershow", GALLERI V58, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
GALLERI V58 pop up, Skagen, Denmark
Svenske villa, group exhibition, Bernstorffsparken, Gentofte, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Global Art Gallery, ”Diversity”, Vanloese, Denmark
Einkaufsquelle, solo exhibition, ”Behnaz”, Berlin, Germany
Behnaz Art Gallery, ”Open Doors”, Hellerup, Denmark
Hempel Headquarters, solo exhibition, Lyngby, Denmark

Atelier AKA, ”Self”, Copenhagen, Denmark

VCU, ”Spirit of life, Doha, Qatar

VCU, ”Voices – International Artist Doha”, Doha, Qatar

Kok Tobe 2, ”Nature”, Almaty City, Kazakhstan

United Nation’s Office, ”Human Rights”, Doha, Qatar


’Qatar Fine Art Society’
’International Artist Doha’
’Hornbaek Art museum’
’KK10 artists’, Copenhagen
’Gentofte Open Doors’
’Immigrant Art’
Artist at ’Artival’


Maersk Oil DK, Corporate Art Workshop, Denmark

AOF, Teaching adults in acrylic

2013 – 2015
Art by Behnaz, Teaching adults in acrylic techniques, Qatar

Art by Behnaz, Teaching adults in oil techniques, Qatar and Denmark

2003 – 2007
UNESCO, Liason Officer, Qatar

‘Soft landing’, olie på lærred, 50 x 40, 2022, kr. 14.000,-

‘Indian Runner ducks’, olie på lærred, 40 x 60, 2021, SOLGT

‘Colonial, olie på lærred, 50 x 60, 2021, SOLGT

‘UT’, olie på lærred, 60 x 40, 2020, SOLGT

‘UT’, olie på lærred, 40 x 40, 2020, SOLGT

‘From a distance’, olie på lærred, 100 x 100, 2020, SOLGT

‘Knitting an Oasis’, olie på lærred, 100 x 150, 2018, SOLGT

‘Sit Siimorgh sit!!!’, olie på lærred, 60 x 90, 2019, SOLGT

‘Bad Birdie’, olie på lærred, 90 x 90, 2018, SOLGT

‘Evolution of a Woman lll – The Free’, olie på lærred, 90 x 90, 2018, SOLGT

‘Evolution of a Woman I – The Seeker’, olie på lærred, 90 x 90, 2018, SOLGT

‘Dragging my Herritage’, olie på lærred, 50 x 60, 2018, SOLGT

‘Borrowing His Feathers, olie på lærred, 80 x 120, 2018, SOLGT

‘Bird on cup’, 50×60, 2018, SOLGT

Elevation’, 150 x 100 cm, olie på lærred, 2016, SOLGT

‘The Case of the Missing Duck’, 100 x 120 cm, olie på lærred, 2015, SOLGT

‘To Angela’, olie på lærred, 100 x 150, 2017, SOLGT

The Minister of War, olie på lærred, 150 x 100, 2016, SOLGT