Anna Emelia (SE)

Born 1970

“It is the shadows, the fleeting game between light and darkness which I recognize in my paintings. The melancholic, dark feelings which meets the bright and the obvious. This is what my paintings are all about. To forget the whole and let the gaze rest for a time at a detail gives me the enchanting feeling that I had as a child – when everything around feels blurred and unreal and the here and now becomes so intense.”       -  Anna Emelia

Anna Emelia has always been fascinated by art and has since her childhood been introduced to the world of fantasies through her mother, who is also an artist. After Anna Emelia finished her education at Schillerska Konstskola in 1990 she worked at advertising agencies with design and decorating until she in 2005 started solely to work with art. Anna Emelias paintings is representations of her feelings shown in motives of the nature.  

Her oil paintings leads the viewer to gaze at one detail and by doing that get consumed by the motive and letting the tiny changes in the light and the atmosphere overwhelm you. Both the happy but also the more melancholic feelings. To get so consumed that you experience the moment so intensely that everything around you disappears. This is the experience that Anna Emelia wishes to pass on to the viewer of her paintings.

Anna Emelias paintings gives the viewer associations to the super realistic with the thorough and detailed handling of her paintings. However you can not call Anna Emelia a superrealist since many of her paintings move into magic realism, where elements break with the rules of the real world. The highly detailed paintings are invaded by something adventurous. The paintings that contains her families bathing jetty almost seem supernatural in their mood. The same applies to her paintings of flowers where the reproduction of the light is dramatized and lifts the motive out of the everyday life and into something amazing.

                                                          Maria Cecilie Odgaard Jensen, Art historian


1987 – 1990
Schillerska Artschool, Göteborg, SE



"Wintershow", GALLERI V58, DK
ART FAIR, Kunst for alle, represented by GALLERI V58, Copenhagen, DK
"Summershow", GALLERI V58, DK


"Wintershow", GALLERI V58, DK
"Summershow", GALLERI V58, DK

Wintershow, GALLERI V58, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

GALLERI V58, ’REmantics,’  Aarhus, DK

GALLERI V58, ’GIVE ME FIVE – superrealists’ Aarhus, DK

Galleri KIRK, Aalborg, DK
NÄÄS Fabriker, Lerum, SE

Partille slott, Göteborg, SE

Galleri Ferm, Göteborg, SE

Red Hill, Göteborg, SE
Villa Viktor Rydberg, Göteborg, SE
Galleri Ztrand, Halmstad, SE

Galleri Ferm, group exhibition, Göteborg, SE

Galleri Killebäcksgården, Skåne, SE

Galleri Killebäcksgården, Skåne, SE

‘I mitt inre’, olie på lærred, 92 x 73, 2022, 16.000,-

’Beslutet’, olie på lærred, 120 x 80, 23.000,-

‘Tidigt vårljus’, olie på lærred, 60 x 80, 2022, SOLGT

‘Det gamla trädet jag går förbi’, akvarel på koldpresset bomuld, 49 x 68 (37 x 55) 8.000,-

‘Beröringen’, olie på lærred, 80 x 100, 2022, 22.000,-

‘Långsamt farväl’, olie på lærred, 100 x 70, 2022, 20.000,-

‘Morgonljus’, olie på lærred, 70 x 100, SOLGT

’Dröm dig mot dag’, olie på lærred, 98 x 80, 26.000,-

‘Calm and quiet loneliness’, Olie på lærred, 140×90, 2018, SOLGT

‘Still sleeps the time goodness and innocence’, olie på lærred, 136×98, 2018, 25.000,-

‘Sometimes’, Olie på lærred, 80×120, 2018, SOLGT

‘Och det var där, som i sagan… sagan om ensamhet men också om stillhet’, olie på lærred, 90 x 70, SOLGT

‘One evening as I drove home, I saw through th window’ , Olie på lærred, 72×100, 2018, SOLGT

‘Blue shadows’, Olie på lærred, 80×120, 2018, SOLGT

‘Before the storm’, Olie på lærred, 80×120, 2018, SOLGT

‘Stigen jag finner leder mig ner..’, olie på lærred, 60 x 80, SOLGT

‘Jag kan känna det stilla, det tysta..’, olie på lærred, 70 x 90, SOLGT

‘Genom bjökar jag ser…’., olie på lærred, 70 x 90, SOLGT

‘Evening light’, olie på lærred, 72×98, 2018, SOLGT

‘Gå ut’, olie på lærred, 70 x 100, SOLGT