Adel Dauood (SY)

My paintings are for me a kind of rebellious reaction to all the fights that is going on all around the world. They are also an inner monolog about my despair towards this. My paintings invites the viewer to a dialog about my memories, full of color and unrest from my war tormented home country Syria.” 

Adel Dauood

 In 1980 Adel Dauood was born in Al-Hasakah in Syria. He lived in Syria until four years ago where he moved to Vienna. When Adel Dauood creates his amazing artwork he is inspired by his background. He has also told that he finds inspiration from the whole world in both good and bad ways. To Adel Dauood the message in his art is not something you can decide right on the spot; it is about what occurs between the painting and the viewer, which he thinks is very individual.

When you look at Adel Dauoods paintings an extreme dynamic overwhelms you. His paintings are full of life and colors, which makes his paintings vivid. Despite of Adel’s abstract way of painting his artwork contain motifs that you as a viewer only can guess what imagine. Because of Adel Dauood inspiration from all around the world there is many different energies in his paintings. His playful brush stroke and his use of powerful colors create moods in the paintings that you can use a lot of time to absorb as a viewer. Adel Dauood is an artist that we are very proud to present in our gallery. It is paintings that you can keep on discovering every time you look at them.

Emilie Juul Thorsteinsson, GALLERI V58


Uddannelse fra ’The Fine Arts Center’ i Al-Hasakah, Syrien

Uddannelse fra fakultetet i Fine Arts fra Universitetet i Damaskus, Syrien  


GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Danmark
Hinterland galleri, soloudstilling, Wien, Østrig
NORTH kunstmesse, Aalborg, repræsenteret af GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Danmark

Vinterudstilling, GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Danmark
Borders, Galleri Artemons Contemporary, Linz, Østrig
Syrian Cultural i Bremen, Villa Calleri Ichonn, Tyskland
Restrictions of the Earth, Karsi Sanat Istanbul, Tyrkiet
Galleri Artemons Contemporary, Linz, Østrig
Restrictions of the Earth, Hinterland Galleri, Wien, Østrig
Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Hinterland Galleri, Stockholm, Sverige
The Energy of Color, Foresight32 Art Galleri, Amman, Jordan

Hinterland galleri, soloudstilling, Wien, Østrig,
Syrian Art in Hard Times, Beirut, Libanon
Art against violence, Galleri Klein Wien, Østrig
EDUCULT Galleri  Museumsquarter, Wien, Østrig
Miniaturen, Art 3 Galleri, Østrig
BEIN KURDISH, Hinterland Galleri, Wien, Østrig
Artisis Syrians, Bordeaux, Frankrig

Future Painting, Essl Museum, Wien, Østrig
Galleri Klein, Wien, Østrig
Year Exhibition, Galleri Klein, Wien, Østrig
Works on Paper, Galleri Klein, Wien, Østrig

Foresight32 Art Galleri, Dead Sea, Amman, Jordan
Sunflower Theatre, Beirut, Libanon

Foresight32 Art Galleri, soloudstilling, Amman, Jordan
Art Haws, soloudstilling, Damaskus, Syrien

Miniaturen, Mustafa Ali Galleri, Damaskus, Syrien

Paintings From The Middle, Hall Konsthaln, Sverige
In The Middle of The Road, National Library, Damaskus, Syrien
Competition Passion PRO, Galleri Kamel, Damaskus, Syrien

Grass and Mud, Galleri New Art, Hasake, Syrien
In The Middle Studio, Damaskus, Syrien

Galleri Ybla, Aleppo, Syrien

Museum Taha taha, Ar-Raqqah, Syrien


The British Museum, London, England
Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah Art Museum, UAE


Born 1980

Uden titel, olie på lærred, 130 x 130, 2016, 24.000,-

Uden titel, olie på lærred, 120 x 140, 2015, 26.000,-

Uden titel, olie på lærred, 120 x 140, 2016, SOLGT copy

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 150 x 150, 2016, SOLGT

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 130 x 140, 2017, 26.000,-

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 130 x 140, 2016, SOLGT

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 120 x 140, 2016, SOLGT

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 120 x 100, 2017, SOLGT

Uden titel, akryl på lærred, 130 x 140, 2017, 26.000,-