Manu Rich (FR)

“I paint towards the light, the sun and the night

I paint streams, rivers and oceans, from my memory, like a rolling wave,

a screaming call, continuously and talking about you, about me, about our relationship with the world

seen through the fog of the sound in our daily lives”

   – Manu Rich

In the meeting between acrylic and oil that special something, which is characteristic of Manu Richs works occurs; poetry. I the abstract paintings both chaos and silence confronts us, which leaves the works in a distinctive, quivering state. Day, night, nature, urbanity and mankind is represented in the paintings, but the abstract scenes allow the beholders to get an impression of the art on their own. Manu Rich urges us to reflect.

Layer upon layer, angle upon angle the artist builds his works – dark backgrounds refracted by light, fleeting dashes. The color palette is broad, but primarily dark: Green, blue, purple and black nuances playfully mix on the canvas – telling their own story. There is at the same time a tranquility and a raw violence in his works. This combination creates a stimulating dynamic, which allures the beholder.

Manu Richs technical abilities; his dramatic strokes and textured backgrounds, makes his paintings unique. This is why he is at Gallery V58. Because even though the gallery mainly focuses on works with a distinct realism, Manu has a depth and an insight, which is outstanding. Because of his implicit narratives, he has an evident space at the gallery.

stud.mag. Nordic language and literature & Visual Culture, Anna Emilie Ravn


Paris School of Graphic Arts, Paris, FR
Kunstdirektør v. Publicis Conseil Reklamebureau, FR
Grafisk designer v. Alain Carré, Paris, FR


“Wintershow” GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK

NORTH art fairAalborg, represented by GALLERI V58, Aarhus, Denmark

GALLERI V58, Sommerudstilling m. galleriets faste kunstnere juli-august, Aarhus, Danmark (fasttilknyttet galleriet)
Galerie Au Delà des Apparences FR, juni – oktober (fasttilknyttet galleriet)
Point Rouge Gallery FR, september – oktober, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (fasttilknyttet galleriet)
Galerie du Jansanet FR, Soloudstilling: ’Manu Rich – en flygtig naturens hukommelse’, februar – marts, TROYES
Béthune Social Center FR, ’Fierce painter’ Store formater, maj-Juni, LILLE
Galerie du Jansanet FR, marts – april, TROYES, (fasttilknyttet galleriet)
Galerie Au Delà des Apparences FR, november – april, Annecy – (fasttilknyttet galleriet)
Stackl’r Gallery – Sedan, (fasttilknyttet galleriet)

2006 – 2018
Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Floral Park of Vincennes, Paris, FR

Point Rouge Gallery – minimenta, juni
PPGM ’Det mindste galleri i verden (eller næsten)’ – Roubaix, FR
Stackl’r Gallery, Sedan, FR
Galerie Au Delà des Apparences FR,  november 2016 – marts 2017, Annecy

Galerie Art Espace 83, La Rochelle FR, ’Works on paper’, november 2015 – januar 2016
Point Rouge Gallery, ’minimenta’  juni – juli, Paris, FR

Point Rouge Gallery, Soloudstilling;  ’RUINS’, Paris, FR
Galerie Abstrakt projekt, ’Bag kulisserne’, polaroider af Christian Martinache (18-19-20 juni), Paris, FR

GUOYI ART MUSEUM, (1-7nov) National Gallery of Fine Arts Beijing, KINA
Kunst ‘Rdv’,  November, Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris, FR

Galerie Art Espace 83, Soloudstilling; ‘Yellow Noise’, september – oktober, La Rochelle, FR
Galerie Art Espace 83, La Rochelle, FR, juli – september, m. Bram Van Velde, Ruta Jusionyte, Patrick Loste m.f.
MIAC, Puls’art, Le Mans, FR  (2012 og 2011)
Galleri Amarage, m. Sandrine Mathieu og Christian Martinache- Saint Ouen, FR   

Galerie Pascaline Mulliez, Soloudstilling, Paris, FR
Hot Art Fair (Pascaline Mulliez Gallery), Basel, Schweiz
2010 Kunst på papir (Galerie Pascaline Mulliez), White Hostel, Bruxelles, Belgien 

MACparis, Espace Champerret, Paris, FR 

Kunst i rejser – 798 Art Bridge Gallery, Beijing, Kina

RATP Cultural Center (performance, levende maleri), Paris, FR

’Kroppenes vægt’, RATP, Paris Kulturcenter, FR
Lorca Festival, Psykologiske Videoer, Sainte Anne Hospital, Paris, FR

Bonnan Gallery, Paris, FR   

Gershwin Hostel and gallery (performance), New York, NYC, USA
Club Fever (performance), København, DK
Skandinavisk kongrescenter (performance), Aarhus, DK  

Detailbureauet, Aarhus, DK

Birkehøj Galleri, Aarhus, DK
Fransk Institut, København, DK
Kulturgyngen, Aarhus, DK
Gimle Galleri, Aarhus, DK

Vestergade 58, Aarhus, DK

Galleri Kystgalleriet, ’The Box’, Aarhus, DK


Udstillingskataloger mv. fra 1995 – 2018


Taylor Award – Taylor Foundation, 2008

Født 1962

‘A Bigger Garden Xlll’, mixed medie på lærred, 130 x 162, 2018, 36.000,-

‘Well in the wood’, mixed medie på lærred, 100 x 100, 2017, 22.000,-

‘The edge of the wood’, mixed medie på lærred, 50 x 50, 2017, 9.800,-

‘Bleeding’, mixed medie på lærred, 120 x 120, 2017, 25.500,-

‘A Bigger Garden Vl’, mixed medie på lærred, 130 x 162, 2016, 36.000,-

‘A bigger Garden’, mixed medie på lærred, 114 x 146, 2018, 28.500,-

‘Bela Lugosï’s Dead II’, mixed medie i træramme, 20 x 20, 2017, 5.800,-

‘Bufo alvarius II’, mixed medie på lærred i træramme, 20 x 20, 2018, 5.800,-

‘La Cote 344 II’, mixed medie, 50 x 50, 2017, 9.800,-

La Cote 344

‘A bigger Garden IV’, mixed medie, 114 x 146, 2016, 28.500,-

‘Strandbad’, mixed medie i træramme’, 20 x 20, 2016, 5.800,-

‘Le ravin’, mixed medie på lærred, 50 x 50, 2018, 9.800,-

‘Le bois Navé’, mixed medie på lærred, 50 x 50, 2017, SOLGT

‘La Cote 344’, mixed medie på lærred, 16 x 22, 2017, 5.800,-

‘Voile noir III’, mixed medie, 100 x 100, 2018, SOLGT