Líne Ringtved Thordarson (DK)

Født 1965

Liné Ringtved Thordarson was born and raised in North Jutland, Denmark, but at the age of 26 she moved to Iceland and started at the Iceland Academy of Fine Arts in Reykjavik. Here she took a Bachelor of Fine Art specializing in sculpture. In 1995 Thordarson moved to France, where her artistic career took off. She has had separate- and group exhibitions at both Danish and foreign museums, galleries and cultural centers since 1997, in France, Monaco, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Greece. She has made several outdoor bronze sculptures in Denmark and abroad. Today the artist live in Aarhus, but she is still attached to galleries and exhibitions around the world.

Liné Ringtved Thordarson works with a form of emotional expression. She expresses her own feelings in the sculptures and creates passion that draw us. The artist explain: “My sculptures are ‘living life’ transformed into shape. With this, every sculpture comes with its own little story about life and human. Joy, sorrow, eroticism, fear, calm. Human is present “.

The sculptures is erotic, sensual and emotional. Thordarson works primarily with the female body and she is very honest in her form of art. She spends time to get the story and expression right in the sculpture. The sculpture is first made in clay, plaster or wax, and finally cast in bronze.

“A stream of passion -Liné Ringtved Thordarson’s sculptures grow up with sensuality. You could be tempted to describe her form as “a lava flow of passion”, just in solid form and where the bronze, which is Thordarson’s favorite material, may seem hard and impenetrable, but contains an expression of organic and contagious life desire. In the same moment as the force of desire is detected, you see the fragility of the characters. They appear to be exposed and out of sight – free of the viewer’s view and in a private room. That’s just not true! They are exhibited and in a state beyond any kind of shy consciousness.”

-Lars Svanholm. Art critic. 2011

“Talented and forward-looking. Totally different from her peers. Her works are a reflection of reality as an artist and not least as a woman. A subtle journey in this world.”

-Ove Torp. Art critic. Art paper.


1992-96  Icelandic Academy of Arts, Reykjavik, IS
1991-92  Ranum Kunstskole, DK
1990-91  Art school, Hjørring, DK

"Wintershow” GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK
Gallery Ina Dederer, Zürich, CH
Monaco Film festival, MC
Gallery Lifetime, Fairmont Hotel, MC
Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, DK
Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, DK
Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, DK
Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK
Vivanova Wineclub, Berlin, DE
Galleri Brænderigaarden, Horsens, DK
Galleri Margit Dørflinger, Randers, DK
Galleri Varming, Copenhagen, DK
Galleri Jarsbo, Aarhus, DK
Galleri Raaschou, Hjørring, DK
Galleri Jakobsen, Lønstrup, DK
Galleri So-to, Aalborg, DK
Galleri Bernack, Worpswede, DE
Galleri C, Aarhus, DK
Galleri So-to, Ålborg, DK
Galleri Helth, Copenhagen, DK
Galleri Thuillier, Paris, FR
Galleri l´atelier d´O, Bordeaux , FR
Galleri Collection Particuliere, Bordeaux, FR
Musikhuset, Festugen, Aarhus, DK
Cloitre Des Carmes Jonzac, FR
Melina Mercuri Kultur Center, Athen, GR
Ebeltoft Kunstbygning, Ebeltoft, DK


Art Zúrich, CH
Art Monaco, MC
The Danish Institute for Art and Science, Rom, IT
The Danish Institute for Art and Science, Athen, GR
Guest exhibitor in Det Danske Centralbibliotek, Flensborg, DE
Aarhus Kunstbygning, DK
Dronninglund Kunstcenter, DK
Ridehuset m. Prokk, Aarhus, DK
Aarhus Rådhus med kunstnergruppen Colibri, DK
Kerteminde Kunstmuseum, Toldboden, DK
Kvindemuseet, Aarhus, DK
Art Copenhagen, Forum, DK
Art Herning, DK
GALLERI V58, Aarhus, DK
Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, DK
Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK
Galleri Brænderigaarden, Horsens, DK


Moderne Kunst. Skulptur og installation, Bioussac, FR
Niende Efterårsudstilling, Royan, FR


Egmont Højskole, Hou, DK
Favrskov gymnasium, DK
Give, Danmarks Skulpturby, DK
Risskov Amtsgymnasium, Aarhus, DK
Give, Danmarks Skulpturby, DK
Skejbyhave, Institution for sindslidende, Aarhus, DK
Vestmannaø, IS


Monaco Charity Film Festival 2016 –  film ”kunstnerportræt”, MC
Artistic leader on the performance ”Kunsten at forske”, DK
Workshop w/Sculptures by the sea, Aarhus, DK
Multi-artistic performance with the group Culturesheart, Musikhuset, Aarhus, DK
Artistic Coordinator, Art and Music Festival Wontra, Aarhus Festuge, DK
Aarhus Festuge, the installation “Kraplak”, DK
Multi-artistic performance with the group Culturesheart, Randers Egnsteater, DK
Multi-artistic performance with the group Culturesheart, Filmbyen Aarhus, DK
“Folk og Lava”, Vestmannø, IS


Asger Jorns Atelier, Læsø
BKF´s  lejlighed, Berlin
Bikubenfondens legatbolig, Berlin
Oticon Fonden
Beckett – Fonden
HCA Fonden
Ny Carlsbergfondet
Foreningen for Dansk-islandsk samarbejde


Statsgymnasiet Aarhus, DK
Egå Gymnasium, DK
Favrskov Gymnasium, DK
Egmont Højskole, DK
Egå Ungdomshøjskole, DK
Lyngåskolen, Aarhus, DK
Aarhus Akademi, DK
Kunstmuseet Trapholt, Kolding, DK
Risskov gymnasium, Aarhus, DK


Marshall Murray, Frankrig, FR – Monaco, MC – London, UK
Gallery Ina Dederer, Zürich, CH
Galerie d´art Lifetime, Mougins, FR
Galleri Oxholm, København, DK
Galleri V58, Aarhus, DK
Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK
Galleri Brænderigaarden, Horsens, DK
Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, DK


Member of BKF
Member of DBF
Artistic director, creative consultant and author of artistic projects
Teacher, modeling
Video Artist
Associated with Key2see, consultant community in Aarhus


Fight Aids Monaco, w/Prinsesse Stephanie, MC
A better world, DK
Aid against hunger, FR
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, MC
Støt brysterne, DK


2020, Bronze Sculpture Aarhus Ø, DK.
2017-2018, Exhibition, Marshall Murray at Key Largo, Cap d’Ail, FR.
7 m. high bronze sculpture in Shanghai – process of approval wirh the Chinese government

‘Disa’, 2 af 8, Bronze, h. 33 cm.

‘Nostalgi’, 3 af 20, bronze, grøn patineret, h. 31 cm.,

‘Engel’, 3 af 20, Bronze, h. 22 cm.

‘Sjælefred’, 18 , Bronze, h. 55 cm, 2020.

‘In Boots’, 2-8 Bronze, 37 cm

‘Eze Woman’, 19 20, Bronze, 20 cm.

‘Kvinde’, Bronze h. 15 cm.

Noa, 6-20, Bronze, h. 23 cm SOLGT

‘The Secret’, 1/3, Bronze, h. 158 cm.

Usleben, 1/1, Bronze, h. 23 cm SOLGT

‘DESIRE’, 3/8, bronze, 40 cm H,

‘Omsorg’, 4/8, bronze, 29 cm.

‘Vingeskudt’, bronze, 8/8, h.11 x b.42, 2016

‘Freya’, bronce, 2/8, h.38, 2017

‘Peace of Mind’, bronze, h. 38, 1/8, 2017

Uden titel, bronze, l. 60, 2/8

‘Woman on Pedestal’, bronze og svensk diabas sten, h. 23, 2017 SOLGT